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Rolls-Royce manager presented with Whittle Safety Award

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The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) has honored Mike Gamlin, manager of air safety investigation at Rolls-Royce PLC, with the Sir Frank Whittle Safety Award.

The award was presented Sept. 20 at the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) headquarters in Farnborough and recognizes outstanding contributions that advance the safety of aviation.

At the presentation, Gamlin said: “I’m humbled to receive this prestigious award from the federation.”

“I’m so pleased to present this award to Mike Gamlin at the U.K. AAIB for his long-standing contribution to aviation safety,” said IFA chief executive John Vincent.

“This award is granted in recognition of Mike’s dedication to ensuring the effective investigation of aircraft accidents across the globe. Mike is trusted and well respected throughout the international aviation community.”

The IFA board unanimously agreed that with a career of over 42 years at Rolls-Royce, the majority of which has been in an accident investigation role, Gamlin has provided a level of technical leadership and is recognized and appreciated around the world. He is responsible for leading, directing and coordinating the support of state-led safety related investigations of events, incidents and accidents involving Rolls-Royce civil and military products and systems.

IFA member Cranfield University, in their nomination, highlighted Gamlin’s integrity, focused on transparent, evidence-based and unbiased investigation techniques delivering continuous improvement to Rolls-Royce products.

Gamlin and his team have built an extensive network of relationships with key international safety investigation agencies, aircraft and engine manufacturers. They are said to be trusted and respected by their peers at all levels across the global accident investigation community.

This contributes to the effectiveness of the accident investigation process and thus the safety of the traveling public.

The award citation reads:

“In recognition of his contribution to aviation safety over more than four decades. In particular, the extensive work ensuring the effectiveness of accident investigation across the globe. He is trusted and well respected across the global aviation community.”

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