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Jet Flight Grounded In Bengaluru After Smoke Alert, All Passengers Safe

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Bengaluru: Private carrier Jet Airways on Thursday, December 27 2018 deplaned 71 Mangalore-bound passengers and shifted them to another flight after ‘smoke’ in the aircraft, an airline source said.

The airline said the plane was stationed at bay. The incident took place around 7 am, it said.

“There were fumes due to heating up of the brakes. As a result, all passengers were deplaned and shifted to another aircraft,” the source said.

The airline issued a statement confirming the “technical snag”, adding that the incident took place while the aircraft was parked at bay.

“Our flight 9W 713 from Bangalore to Mangalore was delayed due to technical snag, while parked at bay, prior to departure. An alternate aircraft was immediately arranged and the flight departed with 71 guests. We regret the inconvenience caused to our guests.”

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