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IndiGo to look at GE engines for A320 neo planes: Ghosh

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IndiGo will also look at GE engines for its planned 280 A320 neo planes, its President Aditya Ghosh said today amid the airline grounding some of its neo fleet due to the Pratt & Whitney engine issues. Ghosh, who is also a Whole Time Director, said the issues related to its A320 neos are due to two specific components of P&W engines wearing out faster than expected even as he assured it is not a safety issue.

“Our engine supplier P&W is implementing some design changes and we believe those changes will be implemented over the next 12-18 months… We are right now focused on getting enough spare engines from P&W so that the operational headaches go away,” he said. Currently, IndiGo has 23 A320 neo planes.

About the possibility of GE engines being used for A320 neo planes, Ghosh said the airline still has to make a choice for the engines for 280 neos beyond the first 150 aircraft. “We will absolutely keep watching GE engines… We will absolutely keep looking at what is out there in the market place.”

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