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Incident: Indigo A320 enroute on Nov 11th 2017, smoking laptop

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An Indigo Airbus A320-200, performing flight 6E-445 from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore, was enroute when passengers near seat row 24 detected a burning odour and informed cabin crew. Cabin crew identified a bag in the overhead lockers was emitting smoke and sparks and discharged fire extinguishers onto and into the bag. Subsequently they discovered a laptop, that had overheated and was the source of the smoke, secured the laptop in a container filled with water and reseated passengers near that seat row. The aircraft continued the flight to destination and landed safely.

The airline reported cabin crew detected the smoke of smell in the cabin, noticed minor sparks from a bag in an overhead locker near seat row 24, notified the flight crew and followed the necessary procedures including relocating passengers near seat row 24. The aircraft continued to destination for a normal landing. DGCA has been informed about the occurrence.

There is serious doubt however that the laptop had become the hottest laptop on the planet

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