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Flights at Jodhpur take off after runway repairs

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Jodhpur: Passengers of three flights, which were stuck here on Friday, 3rd Nov 2017 due to damage of the runway after a Mig-27 developed a technical snag, finally left for their destinations at 10.30 pm the same night.

A tyre of the MIG-27 had burst while landing on Friday afternoon which led the jet to lose its control and its nose hit the ground damaging the runway for about 500 metre.
Swinging into action, the team of air force immediately took charge by rescuing the pilot and initiating the runway restoration work.
“But because of this, the passengers flights, which use the runway of the air force here, got stuck and all the passengers awiting to travel in these flights got stranded with no option than to wait for the nod of the air force to these flights to take off,” said the director of the Jodhpur Civil Airport G K Khare.
Finally, the work could be completed by the airforce by 10 pm and two of the three flights—Spice Jet and Air India (both Delhi bound)— took off by 10.30 pm, while Supreme Airlines suspended its flight.
The airport administration had accommodated the upset passengers in the cafeteria of the airport. They, however, kept waiting for about 8 long hours and boarded their respective planes after the nod of the airport

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