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Drone regulations likely to be out in 2 months, says Jayant Sinha

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NEW DELHI: The regulations for operating drones are likely to be ready within two months and would be the “best in class with appropriate constraints”, union minister Jayant Sinha said today.
The civil aviation ministry came out with draft rules for unmanned aircraft systems last month, seeking comments from the public.

“We have received over 100 comments. We are in the process of incorporating those in drone regulations that will be putting (out)… That should be coming through in next 30- 60 days,” Sinha said at an event here.

The regulations would help in use of drones for “all kinds of applications and businesses that you want to build”, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation said in response to a query from a start-up entrepreneur.

“I believe drone regulation that we will have will be best in class with appropriate constraints… We have to balance safety and security with what you want to do and those are good constraints to have,” Sinha said.

At present, aircraft rules do not cover the use of drones as well as their sale and purchase. Aviation regulator DGCA had in October 2014 restricted the use of drones and unmanned aircraft system by civilians.

 According to the draft rules prepared by the DGCA, drones would require unique identification numbers while nano drones, those weighing below 250 grams, would be exempt from seeking one-time approval, including the unique number requirement. Drones have been classified into five categories,
  • Those weighing up to 250 gram described as ‘Nano’ drones.
  • Those weighing more than 250 gram and up to 2 kilogram would be classified as ‘Micro’ drones.
  • Those  having weight of over 2 kg and less than or equal to 25 kg would be classified as ‘Mini’ drones.
    Those  having weight of over 25 kgs and less than or equal to 150 kgs would be classified as ‘Small’ drones.
  • Those ones above 150 kg threshold would be classified as ‘Large’drones.

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