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DGCA exams to licence pilots, engineers to go fully online

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New Delhi: Wannabe pilots will soon be able to give Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) exams on demand, meaning whenever they wish to do so. The regulator is moving to a completely online examination system for issuing licences to pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), Foreign Air Crew Authorisation (FATA or issuing licences to operate in India to pilots with foreign licences) and Flight Despatchers.

Currently DGCA conducts a mix of “computer and paper based” exams periodically at its designated centres. Now, a new combined portal for flight crew and AME, , has been developed for DGCA by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).

“NIELIT will provide complete exam management including software and infra for the exams. A portal has been developed that will provide an integrated website for conducting all exams like pilot (general and technical), flight despatcher, FATA and AME. Frequencies of all the exams have been increased and new exam centres have been added,” said a statement by the DGCA.

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