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Chaos at Delhi’s IGI Airport; thousands of bags go missing after snag at clearance counter

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New Delhi : A number of flights were delayed at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport after the baggage handling system developed a snag. Bags belonging to thousands of passengers went missing from Terminal 3, resulting in long serpentine queues and chaos.

Chaos at Delhi's IGI Airport; thousands of bags go missing after snag at clearance counter

Airlines, including Vistara, complained that the bags were not being loaded in the aircraft and, therefore, the services were affected. Airport operator, Delhi International Airport Ltd, issued a statement that it was trying to solve the problem.

While passengers vented out their anger on Twitter over the ‘inordinate’ delays in baggage clearance, airlines apologised for the inconvenience. Vistara Airlines tweeted: “We would like to inform you that Delhi airport has been facing challenges with the baggage handling system post check-in. All airlines and hundreds of bags have been impacted and not being loaded onto flights. The airlines have taken this up with Delhi airport officials, who are looking into the matter.”

Vistara operates from Terminal 3 along with Air India and other international operators.

Reasons for delay

A Delhi airport spokesperson said as passengers were carrying ‘dangerous’ goods, such as power banks and lighters, in their handbags, the baggage handling system was affected. He said the check-in rate of such items was 30 per cent higher than on average days.

The spokesperson added that passengers are advised not to pack items, such as lighters and power banks, in their check-in luggage to avoid inconvenience. He, however, dismissed allegations that a section of the staff had delayed the clearance of bags after an official was suspended over unknown reasons.


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