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Bird-hit grounds aircraft, 12 stranded

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Kolkata: An Air India aircraft was grounded at the Kolkata airport after suffering a bird-hit on Saturday evening. The incident left 12 passengers of a subsequent flight stranded as the replacement aircraft had a different seat configuration.
According to the airline, the Agartala-Kolkata flight suffered a bird-hit while landing at 5.30pm. The impact was detected during the routine engineering inspection. This affected a Dhaka-bound flight that the Airbus A319 aircraft was supposed to do next.
The carrier then requisitioned another aircraft, also an A319, but it had a different seat configuration. This reduced the capacity from 144 in the earlier aircraft to 122 seats.
The second flight took off at 7.45pm, 15 minutes after schedule. With 134 flyers booked on the flight, the airline had to deny boarding to 12 passengers. They have been accommodated in a hotel and will fly on Sunday evening. “We tried to accommodate them in the Biman Bangladesh and Jet Airways flights, but no seats were available,” an AI spokesperson said.

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