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Aircraft hits dog on runway; aborts takeoff, everyone safe

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Vasco: An IndiGo flight to Mumbai from Goa had to abort at take-off after the flight hit a dog on the runway at the Dabolim International Airport on the evening of Monday, 23rd Oct 2017. The flight was almost full and all the passengers were reportedly safe.
According to information available, the incident occurred at about 5.23 pm when the aircraft with around 163 passengers accelerated. The pilot noticed a stray dog sitting on the middle of the runway and decided to abort takeoff as a precautionary measure.
“Noticing a stray dog on the runway the pilot applied the brakes, he however hit the dog. The pilot alerted the ground staff and flight engineers. Information of the incident was provided to the passengers and subsequently all the passengers were deplaned after the flight was brought back to airport apron. An inspection of the aircraft was conducted and during the inspection it was observed that one of the main wheels of the aircraft had stress marks due to aborted takeoff. The same was changed and the aircraft with all the passengers departed at 8.23 pm” airport sources said.

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