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AAI to extend apron at Thiruvananthapuram Airport

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With the increase in flight schedules in Trivandrum International Airport, Airport Authority of India (AAI) plans to extend the airport apron to accommodate more number of aircraft. AAI received the approval from its headquarters recently to extend the airport apron.
The Trivandrum International Airport has 120 flight movement (60 arrival and 60 departure) daily. And the flight movement during peak hours from 3am to 6am is 12 flights.
At present the airport has 20 apron bays, nine at international terminal and 11 at domestic terminal. The airport apron at international terminal on Chackai side will be extended to construct four more parking bays as per the proposal.
The area near the Air India maintenance base used as a parking space for ground support equipment will be used for the construction of apron bays.
“The extension of airport apron will benefit the future integrated operations. Four Code C flights or two Code E flight can be parked at a time in the proposed extended area of the apron. The User Development Fee (UDF) for the second control period 2016 to 2021 was fixed considering the expenditure for these development works. The tenders for the work will be invited soon,” said airport director

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