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      Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings from Aviation Safety Management Society of India (ASMSI) Monsoon season has already begun and there is expectation of good monsoons this year.  Aviation professionals from ASMSI, in their pursuit  to promote safety and efficiency of Aviation Operations in the country, have compiled a list of Precautions to be taken during  flying…

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    According to data collected by the Aviation Safety Reporting System (FAA), the commercial aviation industry experiences nonfatal incidents on a regular basis. These self-reported incidents include critical altitude deviation, fuel management issues, smoke and fire in the cabin, in-flight weather encounters, mechanical issues due to unreliable maintenance, crew fatigue, medical fitness of pilots, near midair…

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    Recently the FAA cracked down on several airline companies for failure to comply with regulations. For instance, in 2015, FAA fined Southwest for safety violations related to one aircraft that was flown on 120 flights before it was checked for damage from a depressurization incident. The year before, Southwest was facing fines of up to…

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    The aviation industry increasingly operates high-technology planes that require sophisticated systems and programs. These, in turn, are vulnerable to hacking. For instance, most planes use Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, which sends unencrypted data on a plane’s position. This data could be tampered with by an ill-intentioned person who could alter the real positioning of an aircraft….

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    Five Air Pegasus pilots suspended over safety violations (India)

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    The move comes at a time when the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is taking stringent action against airlines for any kind of violations that could put the safety of passengers in jeopardy DGCA, Air Pegasus, airline safety norms, airline safety norms violation, Air Pegasus pilots, pilots suspended, Air Pegasus pilots suspended, aviation, India…