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Pierce Brosnan stopped at airport with knife in luggage

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Pierce Brosnan has been left embarrassed and enraged after TSA officers confiscated a ten-inch hunting knife the actor was attempting to take through airport security in his hand luggage.

These exclusive pictures obtained by Daily Mail Online show the 62-year-old former Bond actor at Burlington Airport, Vermont on Sunday.

Brosnan was travelling with Paris, 14, his youngest son by wife Keely Shaye Smith, 52, – the couple have an older son Dylan, 18 – when a Transport Security Administration (TSA) officer pulled the actor aside after the weapon showed up during routine scanning of his carry on shoulder bag.

According to one eyewitness the Irish actor, best known for his leading role in a string of Bond movies, appeared ‘furious’ and affronted as the TSA officer took out the bone handled folding hunting knife estimated to be five inches when folded, ten inches when extended.

TSA rules state that sharp objects and sporting goods including spear guns, baseball bats and bows and arrows, should be placed in checked luggage.

All knives are banned – except rounded or plastic butter knives. It is up to the discretion of TSA staff whether the knife is simply confiscated or police are asked to question the passenger over their intentions.

The ban was introduced immediately after the September 11 terror attacks almost 14 years ago, when the hijackers took on permitted box cutters and used them to kill airline staff, allowing them to take over the cockpits of four planes.

Yet seasoned traveler Brosnan, who was thought to be flying to Detroit, appeared shocked by the turn of events and was heard saying to his son, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this.’

Brosnan, who last appeared in No Escape alongside Owen Wilson and Lake Bell, was seen whispering something to the TSA officer who confiscated his knife but if he had hoped his celebrity status might hold sway he was sorely disappointed.

A decidedly put-out Brosnan who had removed his belt for screening was then patted down by before being taken to a private room for secondary screening.

He emerged a short time later and was asked to go through the scanner again before he and his son who once dated Miley Cyrus’s sister, Noah, 15, were finally allowed to pass through security.

They then had a light lunch and coffee at a concession in the departures area and went on to board their plane, believed to be a Delta flight to Detroit.

The actor might have been frustrated but the confiscation is a rare visible victory for the TSA, one of the government’s most notoriously troubled agencies.

Just over a month ago the acting administrator for the TSA was reassigned following a report that airport screeners failed to detect explosives and weapons in nearly every test conducted by an undercover team at dozens of airports.

It is not clear whether Burlington was among the airports involved in the tests that saw the TSA landed with a 95 per cent failure rate.

The agency has endured years of criticism for the conduct of its staff, and particularly claims of sexual harassment of air passengers under the guise of security screening.

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